Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Don't Know What I'm Doing

So it seems that I have no clue what I am doing. I mean with my blog. I was just looking around the website trying to figure it out and I saw some of my friends blogs and they look really good and mine well yea just look at mine and you will see.

I finally gave in to this whole blog thing and now i feel like a idiot not because i made one but because i feel like a retard trying to figure it all out.
Its always been that way whenever anyone joins a new website it all started with myspace and once that got old it was facebook then twitter and now blogging. Whenever anyone joins you kinda feel overwhelmed trying to figure out the site and what to do on it and how and how to make yours appeal to you and what you want others to see and what you don't blah blah blah. The list could go on and on .....

So while I go through this new website craziness.I would really like to ask someone for help. Like I said NO clue what i am doing. So if someone could help me catch on it would be appreciated cause no one wants to look like a idiot. hahah I know I sure don't.


  1. I started one almost two years ago. Someone dared me for my birthday that I couldn't publish something every day for 60 days. I actually missed the 60 day mark, and didn't realize it until day 62 or something. I've included the link above (Hokie Thoughts). On it you'll find a bunch of mindless rambling--everything from rants on family (with no names, because I think I've only told about three people ever that I do it and certainly not family) to comments on movies/tv shows, opinions on religion, questions on life, and weird news roundups. So maybe challenge yourself to do something like that--something every day, regardless of what the content is, for awhile just until you get used to typing.

    Maybe I should take my own advice and have another 60 day challenge. . . . Ha! We could be anxious at midnight to find something to type about together! :) Love you!!

  2. Thats a Great idea Kelly! We should defiently do that. 60 day challenge I think ill start today thats if i remember! haha but im gunna try it thanks for the advice !